Frosty Pumpkin Cider Sock Yarn

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Frosty Pumpkin Cider is available on multiple sock yarn bases:

1, 100 gram skein of my DK Sock yarn
-75% super wash merino wool
-25% nylon
-245 yards


1, 100 gram skein of Simple Syrup fingering
-80% super wash merino wool
-20% nylon
-400 yards

What makes this sock yarn? The inclusion of nylon helps to make a more robust yarn to keep hand knit socks from wearing through as easily.

This yarn is hand-dyed and requires a little extra care. It should be hand washed by soaking your item in tepid water with a soap for wool. Gently squeeze the water from your handmade item, never wringing it, and place in a towel and roll up to remove the excess. Lay flat to dry.

Some colors may bleed, depending upon the ph balance of your water. To be cautious, you could add a color catcher sheet to your wash water.

Love this Frosty Pumpkin Cider colorway 😍, it’s just as expected from the picture. I will either make socks or mittens from it

Loving all the Colors in this yarn.

Morderse for a freind, she loves it as much as I Do!

This colorway is so pretty! I sent a pic to my friend and she liked it too! So I bought another skein. So soft and the colors are amazing! Can’t wait to knit this up!

I have 3 pair of socks to finish before I can cast this gorgeous yarn on. So pleased with my purchase.