Wild Strawberry Sock Yarn


Wild Strawberry includes:

1, 100 gram skein of Simple Syrup
-80% super wash merino wool
-20% nylon
-400 yards

What makes this sock yarn? The inclusion of nylon helps to make a more robust yarn to keep hand knit socks from wearing through as easily. Though it is great for socks, it is also perfect for other items such as sweaters, gloves, hats, etc.

This yarn is hand-dyed and requires a little extra care. It should be hand washed by soaking your item in tepid water with a soap for wool. Gently squeeze the water from your handmade item, never wringing it, and place in a towel and roll up to remove the excess. Lay flat to dry.

Some colors may bleed, depending upon the ph balance of your water. To be cautious, you could add a color catcher sheet to your wash water.

Reviews (3)


The colors are amazing! So excited to cast on this beautiful colorway!

Beautiful yarn! Always a pleasure!