Glam Barbies Mini Skeins Collection


GLAM Barbie Mini Skeins is from the Glitz and Glam Barbie Collection: 1980s edition. It is a two-part series that consists of GLITZ (5 softer color ways) and GLAM (5 bolder color ways).

The GLAM series is inspired from my favorite Barbies from my childhood, including:
Great Shape Barbie
Loving You Barbie
Island Fun Miko
Magic Moves Barbie
Barbie and the Rockers

This set consists of 5, 20 gram minis on the following base.

Simple Syrup fingering
-100 g
-80% super wash merino wool
-20% nylon
-400 yards total

This yarn is hand-dyed and requires a little extra care. It should be hand washed by soaking your item in tepid water with a soap for wool. Gently squeeze the water from your handmade item, never wringing it, and place in a towel and roll up to remove the excess. Lay flat to dry.

Some colors may bleed, depending upon the ph balance of your water. To be cautious, you could add a color catcher sheet to your wash water.

Reviews (3)


These fingering minis were exactly what I wanted to make a cowl that pops! It turned out so well; the yarn was lovely to work with and so pretty. I love how it turned out.

Beautiful bundle! As I opened it right at the mailbox in bright sunshine - my husband said it looks like candy! 🍬 (note: lighter in color saturation in person in comparison to my computer photo) Can’t wait to knit up some Barbie outfits! Thanks so much, Deborah!