Ocean Odyssey - Mermaid Kingdom Collection


Ocean Odyssey is from the MERMAID KINGDOM COLLECTION. It captures the mysterious depths of the ocean and the vibrant colors of marine life. The palette features a range of deep blues that evoke the endless expanse of the sea, and lighter shades mimicking the bright reflections of moonlight on the water.

The pops of light pink add a touch of whimsy to the palette, balancing blues with a hint of playfulness.

The colors in this collection have all been inspired by paintings by Adrianna VanderStelt. See the second image to view her magical art titled : Alaska Magic. Visit her account to purchase this artwork. Art used with permission by artist.

It is available on multiple sock yarn bases, DYED TO ORDER:

1, 100 gram skein of my DK Crystalline Sock yarn
- 100g/231 yds
- 75% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon, 5% Silver toned Stellina
- 4ply yarn


1, 100 gram skein Crystalline (gold sparkle fingering)
- 100g/438 yds
- 75% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon, 5% Gold Stellina
- 2ply yarn

This yarn is hand-dyed and requires time to create. Hand dyed yarn needs a little extra care. It should be hand washed by soaking your item in tepid water with a soap for wool. Gently squeeze the water from your handmade item, never wringing it, and place in a towel and roll up to remove the excess. Lay flat to dry.

Some colors may bleed, depending upon the ph balance of your water. To be cautious, you could add a color catcher sheet to your wash water.