Seasonal Doodle Card Decks for Colorwork Knitting


Doodle with your yarn with these fun and adaptable decks of color work charts. Doodle card decks from Pacific Knit Co. take modular patterns to the next level, enabling you to design your own pattern using mix-and-match colorwork charts. Each deck includes 51 thematic colorwork charts, 1 instructional card, and 2 cowl pattern cards so you can get started right away creating something unique! Available here in Spring, Summer, Winter, and Autumn packs, plus every deck is interchangeable, so you can mix and match the designs as you please.

Grab more base patterns that you can add these charts to from Pacific Knit Co, and pick out an assortment of mini skeins from my shop in fingering weight yarn (20g minis) or DK weight yarn (50 g skeins) to begin doodling today!

Link to the base hat pattern that you can use with your Doodle Card Deck (shown in the photos):

Link to a base sock pattern that you can use with your Doodle Card Deck:

Reviews (7)


Love these doodle decks. Completed the set with these two. Socks were done using spring & summer decks. I see lots of doodle socks in my future.

I love these decks. I have all 4 now and know I’ll use them for many years to come.

Shipped quick, and it’s perfect! Can’t wait to dive into these cards!

Thank you. Just what I needed to add to my collection.

Yay! Such a cool item.